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The company UFIT (Your Company for Innovative Technologies) was established in 2000.
Since this time the company is grown continously. In the year 2002 ther subsidiary company UfiT Instruments GmbH and in the year 2004 a branch in Berlin were established.
Strict orientation to our customer and fair partnership to customer and supplier is the main focus of our company.

We are specialized in hte fields of software engineering, quality asurance, software tests and projet management and support our customers in his abilties with our know how.
Innovations, Know-how in development and production of information-, control- and measure systems, the link between electronical und mechanical parts, qualifies the UFIT AG as a professional and good repute partner of industry.
0-error-campaign is part of our quality management system, which fullfills the requirement of the industry.

Our services were already made in demand by several well known companies. Our staff took part in the development of products like Maybach, Chrysler Crossfire, E-Klasse, Smart, but alsoin health care like blood glucose meter, blood coagulation meter,paternity test meter.
There is no question to deliver high quality in such fields. we used this know how to produce our own product. Especially the development, production and sales of electronical control- and measure devices, which are used in the fiields of automotive, pharma, chemistry and mashine building.

Our produsts are sold, directly, over dealers or as OEM to Netherland, USA, Südkorea and China.

We could be the right partner your you.

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